Monday, September 6, 2010

purple power pizza

I had a bunch of purple opal basil - which I made into pesto - then put on a pizza. First I made some beet juice to put in the dough to make it good and purple. Piled on red onions, plums (just a few), some blue cheese, and some chopped fresh purple basil. It has a very strong flavour, and is quite rich, so a little bit went a long way - which is good, so I can take some to friends for lunch tomorrow!


  1. This is so unique and remarkable. I am so, so impressed gumboot goddess. I would never ever had thought of adding beetroot juice to the dough to give it that magnificent colour and then top with other red veg and herbs. Your just fantastic. I am going to make this for sure and when I do, I assure you I will bring my readers here! Thank you so much for sharing. Now I don't think I've ever seen purple opal basil here, so its up to me to grow some of my own. So this pizza may have to wait next year....but I do have beetroot...mmmmm...Its bookmarked to make One-day. Thankyou again your creative cookster.

  2. Thanks mangocheeks! It would be fun to do with kids - get them to eat beets :-)