Thursday, July 1, 2010

crop failure

It is tragic - our garlic crop is dead - it seemed to be doing very well up until late Spring, when the stem just coming out of the bulb started rotting. I am assuming the soil was too wet. In any case, only one bulb formed to any size, all of the others were stunted. We have had a bad infestation of slugs, too - and they really enjoy bean shoots. I've had to put out some safer's bug bait. We also put in some barrier plants such as mint, chives, red lettuce, red cabbage, sage, sunflower, fennel, foxglove, chicory & endive. Plant them around the perimeter of your garden to keep slugs from infiltrating. I have also had trouble with the daikon radishes - not only did the roots get devoured by cutworms, but the sudden heat brought them to bolt early - But, happily, the snow peas, brassicas, basil, peas and beets are all doing great! Can't win them all

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  1. My garlic was also a disaster - come to think of it everyone I know over here in the UK has been having problems with their garlic this year, so you are not alone.