Saturday, May 29, 2010

books in between

In between weeding, watering, and planting, check out these books - they're waiting by the tea-cup and garden bench or hammock, for when you need to rest your tired back from all that digging! *ZERO MILE DIET by Carolyn Herriot *THE WAY OF THE GARDENER by Des Kennedy Both of these authors will be at a book release, signing at Bolen Books June 1st, 7 pm *FOODMATTERS- which is not a book, but a DVD *TRAUMA FARM- by Brian Brett *NORTH WEST VEGETARIAN COOKBOOK, by Debra Daniel *FARM TO FORK, by Emeril Lagasse *EAT YOUR YARD, by Nan K. Chase *SMALL PLOT HIGH YIELD GARDENING, by Sal Gilbertie *THE VEGETARIAN OPTION, by Simon Hopkinson *RIPE FROM AROUND HERE, by jae steele and here is her blog:

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  1. Thanks for the book ideas! I'm so sad I missed Des Kennedy on the 1st. Another time... Isn't this sun amazing?!