Monday, May 11, 2009

a harmonious blending of bling

I do try to keep the garden and yard clear of clutter for the most part. That being said, I do seem to have accumulated a few items over the years, usually gifts or objects found. I've seen gardens full of surprises at every turn, works of art hidden in the perennial bed, a Virgin Mary statue in the bleeding hearts, wind chimes hung on every branch ~ and these are truly lovely. We did have some bonsai plants growing in their trays, but all of these were stolen one night, sadly. There is a fern leaf concrete stepping stone given to us as a thank you present one year. We even have a chunk of art deco stone from the old Marks' and Spencer building that used to be on Douglas St. given to us by someone who worked at the parks department where they were being stored and destined for landfill. We have a stone frog, a few concrete planters, and some wind chimes to round things out, but I think it's a harmonious blending of yard bling and garden - nothing glaring or showy, just to catch your eye by surprise. One day I'd like a full on Zen garden: Moon gate, pond and fountain included, but that's another story!

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