Wednesday, May 13, 2009

happy herbivore Several reasons I'm a vegetarian: #1 when we eat meat we're feeding ourselves the poisonous adrenaline that was secreted by the terrified animal just before it was slaughtered (not to mention antibiotics) #2 carnivores have a very short intestinal tract in order to eliminate food before it putrefies and becomes toxic - out digestive tract is very long, so we can't. #3 meat will leave a residue of uric acid in the bloodstream.Uric acid is a carcinogen. #4 being veg is better for the environment and #5 eating lower on the food chain leaves food for more people. Not eating meat (or dairy) just feels right to me - ethically, morally, environmentally, and for better health. Now for the real reason for today's blog: to showcase my cookbook shelves! here they are in all their glory! I even have a first edition Moosewood cookbook from 1977: I worked in a bookstore and loved buying cookbooks - but had to limit myself to one purchase a month otherwise I'd be broke. My current faves are Veganomicon, Vegetarian Fast and Easy (by Vegetarian Times magazine) and ReFresh by Ruth Tal and Jennifer Houston. Makes me want to get a juicer. A couple of blogs I like: and happy veggie trails!

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