Saturday, November 17, 2018

new post ! QUINCE Adventure!

Has it really been a whole year since I wrote? it's hard to believe! well, let me make it up to you by reporting on my Quince Adventure! I was given a huge pile of these luscious - smelling fruits, but no idea what to do with them. I also had no idea they are naturally covered in a grey fuzz, and thought it was mold! Luckily, it washes off readily, and then I got to peeling and coring - make sure  you have a sharp knife, as these fruits are hard as rocks!
                                                about 1/4 of the pile of quinces I was given!

The lovely quince is a member of the Rose Family native to South-West Asia, Armenia, Turkey, Georgia,  northern Iran and Afghanistan. It thrives in a variety of climates and can be grown successfully at latitudes as far north as Scotland. 

 First thing I made was membrillo, a sweet quince paste similar to jam - we ate it with oatcakes and dutch cheese for a multi cultural mini feast.Also known as 'quince cheese', membrillo is a firm, sticky, sweet reddish hard paste made of the quince fruit, originating from the Iberian peninsula. It is known as marmelada across the Portuguese-speaking world and as dulce de membrillo across the Spanish-speaking world, where it is used in a variety of recipes, eaten in sandwiches and with cheese, traditionally manchego cheese,  or accompanying fresh curds.

I then decided to make a huge pot of quince sauce, which is like a tart, thick applesauce and can be used  anywhere you would use applesauce in a recipe - like a pecan coffee cake !

In my newfound passion for brewing kombucha,
 I was pleased to find quince made a wonderful tasting batch!

                                            Still Life With Quince by Paul Cezanne

Even if you don't care for quince fruit, the flowers are so beautiful, 
and would be a lovely addition to your garden!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

I am so happy it's finally soup weather! Picked leeks and spuds for a vegan corn chowder and made enough to feed an army.

Potatoes are Kennebecs, which hold their texture extremely well in a soup
Recipe is here: #veganhuggs

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Just picked a fall salad with rainbow chard, kale, cherry tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, 3 kinds of lettuce, arugula and beet greens

Sunday, September 3, 2017

roasted poblanos today and covered them in oil with garlic - so good in sandwiches and on tacos!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Purple Pesto !

this basil is a beautiful eggplant purple - with a few lime green speckles and is a Genovese type and is delicious! Seeds are from WestCoast seeds - the pesto is purple! I made about 10 small tubs and froze it - will be splendid in the wintertime when we need a reminder of summer!

Saturday, August 12, 2017


So this is my first ever attempt at making kimchi! it's not the most authentic recipe, but I wanted a vegan version - the only ingredient from the garden was a few carrots! it would be great to grow some Napa cabbages next year to make this with! I will let it ferment for 5- 7 days then make some fried rice to eat it with! yummmmm
here is the recipe I used - I used brown sugar instead of coconut sugar and lime, orange juice combo instead of the pineapple juice and only 4 tablespoons of the red pepper flakes as that was plenty spicy for me.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Swiss Chard pie

I have a bumper crop of chard this year, lucky me! instead of spinach, you can use it in Spanakopita - here is the recipe I used:
I will be cooking and freezing big bags of chard to use during the Winter months  and plan to make many pies when it's frosty outside!
                                         filling made with chard, eggs, feta, crumbs, nutmeg