Thursday, May 14, 2009

Slug Hotel

I have inadvertently created a slug hotel right beside the best slug gourmet greens. Noticing that something has been eating the Asian greens and kohlrabi, I looked around to see who the culprit(s) could have been. I lifted up some boards that had been placed between the rows for walking on, and lo and behold, all sizes and sorts of slugs ( and sow bugs and centipedes, and good red wrigglers) were lounging about there! All they needed was a pool and some deck chairs. I hastily removed the boards, and as I don't have the heart to kill the poor buggers, hope they will meander off into the neighbour's yard (they can eat her violets, she has lots). A friend mentioned to me just last night that some guy in Tofino has trained the slugs to keep out of his veggie patch! He repeatedly threw the slugs out of the garden, and apparently, they have 'learned' through subsequent generations, not to go into his garden. I had to Google it ~ and it's true! To quote: "Apparently, though, the native slugs are capable of learning. A certain Turkish squatter out at Catface has been gardening there for the last fifteen or so years. He insists that banana slugs can be trained: if you just keep tossing them out, they eventually learn not to come back. It takes about ten years, but they will learn." Seems like a humane, but time-consuming, task- however, I don't want to be throwing every single slug out of my garden for the next ten years. I think I'll try the eggshell trick, and I will keep you posted on the slug issue. If you'd like to read the article that was in the Tofino Times recently, look here: And please learn from my mistake - leave the garden paths clear, or else you will find yourself providing nice lodging for slimy critters.

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