Sunday, June 1, 2014

beautiful, beguiling beans

While in the Bulk Barn (buying Chicago Mix eep!), I stumbled upon a bin of huge white beans - I have never bought, nor cooked these before, but they were so beautiful and beguiling - I just had to buy some! What to do with these big ol' beans? I checked out one of my favourite blogs:  / for advise, and sure enough, a recipe presented itself: I have kale, I have fresh oregano, I have cilantro all in the garden, so as soon as I got home I got 'em soaking:
The next day, they simmered in a pot with fresh bay leaves and garlic. The next day, I prepped the tomato/chipotle sauce, cilantro pesto, and breadcrumbs -

 fresh oregano makes all the difference!

 two kinds of kale!
 the big 'ol beans!

 cilantro pesto: so easy to make - just 4 ingredients: cilantro, oil, garlic and salt

 ready to assemble!

I decided it needed to go with polenta and just picked 'freckles' lettuce
And now I have leftovers for lunch, too :-)

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