Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thrifty, Hearty King Tut Soup

The King Tut peas from Annapolis seeds were made into a hearty soup this afternoon - these peas are green when picked, but turn brown as they dry - they give a marvelous peppery flavour to soup but they take much longer to cook than regular split peas. They took about 2hours. This is what Annapolis says about the King Tut pea: "One of the most unique peas I’ve grown. Tall, striking plants produce pink flowers followed by short purple pods filled with large tan peas. Plants need support as they grow up to five feet. A dry pea that looks somewhat raisin-like when dry and is great used whole in soups." 2 cups of peas produced about 8 cups of soup ~ a very thrifty dinner with a few garlic croutons thrown on top. This is the recipe I used: I did add some thyme and basil leaves, and garnished with a little olive oil and paprika.

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  1. Another culinary wonder! I see you have given up trying to keep the cat off the bench...we are still fighting the battle...and losing! Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a follower. :-)