Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall Garden Soup

Picked the last of the Kuri Squash and made a roasted veg and bean soup - the beans are dried Stevenson's Blue-eyed beans from Annapolis seeds - threw in some leeks, garden tomatoes, fresh herbs, and chopped kale.


  1. The beans look gorgeous. The bay too. Such a celebration soup. I grew beans for soup this year and was amazed it takes so many plants to produce a decent supply.

  2. Hi from Australia. I just planted some beans today. They were a 'magic cook's mix'. Can't wait to make soup out of them one day. Anybody who is anti-Monsanto is a friend of mine! All my tomatoes are heirloom this year and most of the carrots. Looking forward to white, purple and yellow as well as orange carrots.

  3. Hi Nancy - yes, it takes lots of plants to get a good supply - at least it doesn't take too many beans to make a hearty soup! What kind of beans did you grow?

    Hi Hazel, all the way from Australia!
    thanks for being a 'follower' of gumboots in the kitchen!
    I joined your site too - very cool.
    I think your carrots sound amazing!
    Nice to hear from you ~ happy gardening

  4. Yum! :) Is that kuri squash from the seeds I had sent you?

  5. Yes indeed it is! what a most beautiful and productive squash - thanks again :-)