Saturday, January 2, 2010

recipes with herbs and cress

I have finally got my computer up and running again having had a nasty virus (the computer, not me, thank goodness) - so here are a couple of recipes I tried using some fresh herbs from the garden. The weather has been very mild this Winter (so far, knock on wood) - temperatures around 9 during the day! we are still gathering lettuces, beets, kale and chard, all of which have sweetened up nicely from a frost. rye bread with purple kale cream cheese and cress from the garden. Here's the bread recipe I used: the bread went well with the candied salmon a friend had given us, and a good, cold German beer. stuffed mushrooms with parsley from the garden ~ these are your basic garlic butter baked mushrooms, with a little herbed cream cheese and parmesan on top. I really just wanted to make fresh bread crumbs with my new food processor! Happy New Year! may your 2010 be filled with many wonderful garden adventures!


  1. The winter's been kind to us here too, so far anyway. Quite moderate as far as cold and snow go. Your dishes and bread look terrific !

    Happy New Year ! Hope you have a bountiful 2010. You must be eager to get the new plot started. :)

  2. Yum! Good to here the computer is back too.

  3. Thanks! I am very eager to get the new plot going!!