Sunday, January 3, 2010

dreaming the garden

Here's my seed order so far - can't wait to get digging!! from West Coast Seeds: Beets Red Ace Organic - Broccoli Natalino- Brussels Sprouts United- Carrots Dragon Organic- Carrots Scarlet Nantes Organic- Cucumber Marketmore- Leeks Tadorna- Lettuces: Brunia- Coastal Star- Parsnips Gladiator- Arugula- Mild Mesclun mix- Snow Pea Snow Green- Bush Bean Tricolour- Hot Pepper Thai Dragons- Radishes Rudi Organic- Radish Black Winter Spanish Round- Spinach Olympia- Tomato Black Crim- From Franchi: Broccoli Raab Quarantina- Endive Riccia Cuor d’Oro- Lettuce Mix Misticanza - 14 varieties!- White Turnip Bianca Lodigiana- From Annapolis Seeds: King Tut drying peas these grow to 5 feet- Stevenson’s Blue –eye Beans- Soybeans Black Jet- From Richter's Herbs: White Sage - Burdock - Gobo Dianthus - for edible flowers Echinacea - Horehound - Angelica - Bergamot - Poppy - for blue seeds- I also have calendula, basil, cilantro, Scarlet Runner beans and Early Girl tomato seeds. (which I saved this Summer as an experiment) I usually buy a zucchini or two as well. And sunflowers, of course! It should be an interesting planting year, now that I will have room for drying beans, peas, and quinoa. Deciding not to try growing wheat, squash, oats, or barley - maybe if I can do some more sheet mulching.

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  1. Are those all your tools? I love tools with those old handles! Were did you get them?