Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ten Thousand Joys

I love to grow herbs for tea - I finally got around to mixing all the herbs I had dried and kept stored in jars over the Summer. In this tea we have nettles, raspberry leaves, calendula flowers, rosemary, fennel seeds and leaves, and spearmint. I would have also added lemon balm,but have used it all up! It is nice with a little honey and lemon, or chilled with fresh spearmint, if you have some. Another nice addition would be rose hips and/or rose petals, lavender or borage flowers to add colour and flavour. Making herb tea is so enjoyable, as the mix is never the same. I am reminded of sunny August days in the garden with every sip ~ and the tea is very good for you, too.A nourishing tonic for body, mind, and soul. I named this tea "Ten Thousand Joys" for the bliss and joy that come from a Summertime garden.


  1. Infusions are great ! I enjoyed every minute of my herb garden this summer. And I have a great rugosa rose that provides plenty of hips. There's your vitamine C supplement right there !

  2. That looks like a great tea! I have never tried calendula in a tea {it's usually reserved for skin care 'round here}, so this is another great recipe of yours that I will stash away and try.

    Good show as always! :)