Sunday, November 22, 2009

Big Bean Give-Away

I have quite a few extra Scarlet Runner beans saved this year - If you are interested in these very easy to grow, beautiful beans, let me know, and I will send you some. These beans have been grown for many years by my neighbour, who brought them over from England about 50 years ago. They were grown by her father for many years before that, so you can be certain of their viability and heritage seed status. We grew ours up the back porch, and they produced many gorgeous, scarlet flowers which attracted hummingbirds. There were so many beans we were able to give lots away, as well. Send me your mailing address by email to and I'll mail you these magic beans! Here's what they will look like:


  1. They look good. How do they taste?

  2. Hi Dan - the beans are excellent - esp. if picked when small - no longer than your hand. I don't really like the dried beans - they're a bit mealy, like a lima bean, and turn an unappetizing grey when cooked. But in a soup, they might be palatable. They grow like mad thought, and are very pretty. Let me know if you would like to try them and I'll mail you some :-)

  3. I would love some. So pretty.

    Nancy Guppy, 186A Chapman's Landing Rd, Nipissing ON, Canada P0H 1W0.
    Maybe one day I can return the favour. Thanks for your great posts!!

  4. Hi Nancy- thanks for your interest in the Scarlet runner beans - I'll be sending them your way this weekend :-)
    Keep me posted how you grow them, and how they do - they are very prolific! you'll be giving your own beans away at the end of Summer.

  5. I received my magic beans in the mail yesterday. Thanks so much! Can't wait to grow them.

  6. Hi Sandy -
    do you have any of those magic beans left? I'd love to try a few in the garden here... I could trade you for some peas...

  7. Hi Nikki,
    Yes, I do have some beans left! I'll bring them to the store soon :-)
    Maybe you could leave the peas in the kids' drawer? I love trading seeds