Friday, April 3, 2009

new blog feels like a freshly dug garden

Starting a new blog feels like a blank canvas, or a freshly dug plot- just begin, first word, first stroke with the brush, first seedling... Garden news: compost has been spread over the de-weeded plot, but I should have removed the twiglets and larger bits first with a screen. A raking should work, too. The soil is still too wet to be digging anything under yet, as the soil would just compact, and I'd have to dig it all over again. Best to wait. It's also still so cold! only 2.2 this morning. The white sage seedlets aren't germinating as well as they usually do - I've written to Richter's, and they let me know they only get a 30% rate on the seed anyways - but are still sending replacement packets. They also provided a contact name should I have any questions - good service! Since the garden is waiting for drier, warmer times, let's start with a book review: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, by Barbara Kingsolver: is like a more-organized, well thought- out 100 Mile Diet - they even allow themselves one luxury item for the year-(instead of diving right in with only a cupboard full of sprouting potatoes and no salt). Interesting anecdotes of how many ways to eat/preserve gangbuster produce, raising heritage turkeys, and the economic, social, and health benefits of growing your own. Highly recommended! soon, we'll have THIS to gladden our hearts

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