Tuesday, May 19, 2015

look what's growing

 It's mid May and everything is growing like mad! here is the cuke house - we've doubled the cuke pots this year because they produce reliably well and we love them so much!
 Basil babies waiting to go out into their own covered hoop frame home 

and below are the 9 tomato plants with stakes

 the pea patch with trellis - both snow peas and edible pod peas
 the spinach patch with cover to (attempt) to keep cats out!
 beautiful kohlrabi forming
 the brassica patch: orange cauliflowers, 'aspa broc' purple sprouting broccoli
 rainbow chard glowing happily
 the perennial artichoke
 Kale - one of 20, 2 kinds: lacitino and red Russion
 the lettuce patch with 'freckles' and 'red sails'
 a pretty freckles up close and personal
 zucchini starts
 patty pan squash starts
sweet million cherry tomato getting ready to climb up the back porch!
Next up will be the carrots, fennel, and peppers.

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