Friday, August 30, 2013

Salsa Verde Ole!

 I'm trying a new recipe for salsa verde, so am starting with a small, trial batch - using about 15 - 20 tomatillos, and a few peppers from the greenhouse
 the tomatillo is the star of this salsa!
 before roasting
 after roasting

 ready to blend into salsa

this salsa has a wonderful smoky flavour from the roasting - so now to pick buckets and make pint jars! Ole!
I'm using this recipe:


  1. How wonderful, I tried to grow tomatillos once, unsuccessfully I must say. I do like this salsa esp, the sound of the smoky flavour you describe. Yum

  2. did you grow only one plant? they need 2 or 3 to cross-pollinate - then they're quite prolific! and yes, the smoky flavour really adds to the whole salsa verde experience :-) happy gardening!