Sunday, December 30, 2012

Beautiful red cabbages make for hearty Winter cooking! I will be cooking a big pot of Borscht soon, with leeks and beets from the garden. Meanwhile, I've cooked up a big pot of Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage in the crockpot. I received "The Zero Mile Cookbook" by Carolyn Heriot as a gift recently - it is perfectly arranged by cooking from the garden with seasonal recipes. Carolyn Heriot, of The Garden Path Nursery: also wrote " A Year on the Garden Path" - an excellent resource for Westcoast gardeners, such as myself. The Zero Mile Diet book: comes highly recommended -
many recipes are given for preserving your harvest, and for fermented foods, which I am interested in pursuing. The book covers many topics, including: • Growing organic food year-round • The small fruit orchard and backyard berries • Superb yet simple seasonal recipes • Preserving your harvest • Seed saving and plant propagation • Dirt-cheap ways to nourish your soil • Backyard poultry—it’s less time-consuming than you think • Growing vegetables in the easiest way possible • A–z guide to growing the best vegetables and herbs.
As well as being scrumptious, red cabbage is so very good for you: Easy to grow, versatile, and a beautiful veg in the garden - perfect! You can find organic red cabbage seeds through Stellar Seeds:


  1. I got A Year On the Garden Path for Christmas. It's a great book. I must get her zero mile diet book too.

    1. I'm going to cook every single recipe in Zero Mile Diet - seasonally of course, and most likely not everything homegrown, but local, for sure - and you may see the recipes results posted here :-)

  2. I love these cabbages! Best wishes :)