Friday, May 20, 2011

warmer weather at last!

Just spent a glorious day in the garden - planted the adzuki beans, purple barley, tri-colour beans, 2 types of squash, arugula, cilantro, leeks, tatsoi, and lettuce. Here are a few photos of the garden from today: This Angelica is Queen of the garden right now - 7 feet tall, and dramatically centred in the garden - in its second year of growth, this biennial is forming its wondrous, large seed heads, which will attract and feed many beneficial insects like Braconid wasps, lacewings,ladybugs and hoverflies. Plants in the Umbrel family are great for attracting the good kinds of bugs gardeners love. Beautiful purple headed barley seeds from Salt Spring Seeds - can't wait to see them do their thing! brand new lettuces, will need a few more days before transplanting out basil, cilantro, leek babies Sunburst scallopini and a variety of summer squashes waiting patiently in the greenhouse to get out into the garden bed to spread their roots and tendrils in the sun. This is an edible passion fruit vine (Passiflora edulis) that will happily (hopefully) grow up the back porch http://www.c and the flowers will be gorgeous, as all passifloras tend to be.


  1. Greetings from balmy northern Ontario. Nice photos. Can you eat the barley or is it just for green manure?

  2. Hi ~ you can eat this variety of barley. All the varieties from Salt Spring Seeds are "hulless": unlike commercial varieties, they have very loose hulls easily removed by rubbing. from their catalogue: " Hulless barleys have great potential for the home garden. They are hardy, carefree crops that provide hearty and satisfying food"
    So I think some foot stomping to thresh the grains will be kind of fun this Summer!