Saturday, March 26, 2011

I was amazed and happy to find a couple of huge bags of rhubarb that I'd totally forgotten about in the bottom of my freezer - it was like finding precious treasure! So into the pot they went to make spicy rhubarb chutney: I used lots of jalapeno, with the seeds, and cayenne - and it's turned out scorchingly hot - so if you prefer less heat, use 1 jalapeno, and no cayenne. You can spoon some on top of veggie burgers, beans and rice, serve with cheese and crackers, and of course, with curry! Some more chutney recipes: The traditional Indian tool to make chutney is a sil-batta which is a type of mortar and pestle. The flat stone bed (sil), from 12-18 inches long and 11/2-2 inches thick rests on the work surface. The batta is a hand held stone roller, which is worked back and forth across the base. Usually made of sandstone or granite, the surface of the sil is cut with a pattern of shallow ridges or a design to create friction for the batta. I would love to try one of these next time I make chutney - especially with fresh garden herbs.

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