Sunday, August 22, 2010


I love this time of year when the sun is ripening the fruits and veggies bringing an abundance of wonderful, good things to eat! The 6 Quinoa plants are over 5' tall and producing golden clusters of very small, waxy seeds - I have read the quinoa grains will be ready to harvest once the leaves have yellowed and are dropping from the stalks - I'm thankful for all the sun we've had over the last month helping to ripen these warm weather plants. The coriander is blooming heartily! The Early Girls are starting to get some colour~! Poppy seeds - about 6 seed heads gives about 1/4 cup of seeds! very easy to grow - next year I'll plant more along the side garden where there's lots of sun - can't wait to make a sweet poppyseed bread. The King Tut peas have ripened on their vines - we spent a pleasant hour shelling them - and now they're drying a bit more out in the sun and wind. I am looking forward to making pea soup this Winter!

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