Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day radishes

First radishes are such a great treat - to celebrate May Day, I'm slicing them thinly and eating them on good bread with a little sweet butter - oh my, they're good! Around in the garden today: planted purple dragon carrots, (covered them with vermiculite to keep moist and prevent crusting over), weeded the garlic, cut seed heads off the Kale, planted purple orach, re-seeded some snap peas (slugs got quite a few of them), and thinned spinaches. Waiting a couple more weeks to plant the mulit-coloured beans, soy beans,and blue-eyed beans as they don't like soil that's too wet and cold.The King Tut peas are up! from Annapolis seeds. Can't wait to watch them take off up the trellis! here are some great recipes for radishes from

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