Sunday, March 28, 2010

happy gumboots!

I'm in my element today transplanting the hardened off brassicas: khol rabi, natalino, and broccoli as well as some endives and Asian greens in between the rows. Planted some calendula to surround them to attract aphids (hopefully). The radishes and snow peas are up! and the garlic is looking good. Building some new mesclun boxes this year: do you know of any non toxic product i can paint them with? I've heard of some that are soy based, but not having any luck finding it. The bed I started last fall has been dug, but will need much more attention before planting time. It is very lumpy and wet, with lots of roots growing up through it. A work in progress. I'm hoping to put the King Tut peas, black soy beans,blue eyed beans and quinoa in there. Saving the 'good' garden, and it's perfect soil, for the finer stuff like salad, carrots, spinach and the like. Pictures, from top to bottom: the new mesclun box; overwintered arugula blooming; grape hyacinth patch; the babies x 3; radish babies; garlic and brassicas; the new bed; garlic in the sun; babies getting ready to head out into the big world of rain, wind and sun; endive roots; freshly transplanted; happy gumboots!!; and last but not least, beautiful first rhubarb of the season!


  1. Wow, your garden is really hopping. So much coming up and growing in the veggie patch. The rhubarb looks great. I'll be into making something yummy with our rhubarb too. The first of the season.

  2. Did your plants survive our nasty storm this weekend? I had just purchased some basket stuffers (Marigold has them all out now!) and held off planting them - and glad I did.

  3. Looks like spring has sprung in Vancouver! The brassica's look excellent.