Saturday, February 20, 2010

seedy Saturday

Seed Starting Method: use Fisson's Sunshine Mix #5, covered with medium grade vermiculite, watered in with a fine spray, placed in a heated greenhouse. Seeded Feb. 20:white sage x 36; horehound x 6; burdock x 6; Angelica x 4; Echinacea Purpurea by 4; Bergamot x 6; Broccoli x 8; Pak Choi x 8; Khol Rabi x 6; endive x 8; Natalino. Tomatoes, basil,lettuces cucumbers, peppers, etc. will be started end of March, hardened off, then planted out in May.


  1. Ah, 'tis so lovely and green in your parts ! :)
    Nice seeing those seed trays all planted out and raring to go !

  2. Look at you go! I thought I might run into you at Seedy Saturday (where we bought waaaaay too many seeds!) Which reminds me, we still need to coordinate our seed swap! I'm curious - what temperature do you keep your greenhouse?

  3. Hi Nikki! the greenhouse is at David's work and it's at 18 - 20 degrees. Then he brings them home to toughen up in our little hothouse. I didn't go to seedy saturda because I also have too many seeds! funny how that happens :-)
    yes, I have your magic beans here which you can plant when the ground's warm about April - so I have a couple more months to get them to you haha.