Thursday, October 22, 2009

Trendy Veg

These are some trendy new veggies showing up in stores and in restaurants: 1. Black garlic: with the texture of a dried apricot,and twice the antioxidant content of raw garlic.I tried to find a way to make your own, but can't seem to find anything. All I could find out was that it is fermented at high heat. Image is from the 2.Lavender - no surprise here! I love herbes de Provence, and make a jar full every year. 3.Fig Leaves: for wrapping food and infusing with flavour before roasting. (to be removed before eating). My neighbour grows lovely figs, and I'm hoping I'll be able to 'borrow' some leaves! 4. Purple Carrots: just like purple potatoes, but these keep their colour when cooked. West Coast Seed Co. carries the seeds: 5.Chia Seeds , yes, the kind used to grow green pets. The seeds are high in omega-3's and can be added to granola, smoothies, and baking (like hemp seeds). From : "Chias are what are know as "fire following plants." Ancient cultivators found that if they burned the plant after harvest, next year's crop was more plentiful. Sprinkle some burned remnants of the shrub over newly planted seed to quicken germination." They are native to Western North America, are drought tolerant, and will easily self-sow in a dry, sunny spot with porous soil in your garden. image from 6.Dandelion Greens - my favourite and not too expensive or hard to find! who ever thought the humble dandelion would make it onto the 'it' list. 7. bite-sized Brussels Sprouts - I could only find seeds for these from the UK: Thompson and Morgan Seeds. I think I'll try growing Chia seeds,and if anyone finds a method for making black garlic, please send it along!


  1. Black garlic is new to me. It looks fascinating and delicious. I'm surprised fermented garlic has twice the antioxydants of raw garlic. I followed your links and searched a few more. You're right, info on how to make it is hard to come by. I came upon these guys who seem to own a patent on the recipe (??!), yet they offer somewhat of a detailed how to. (Scroll down to 'The Natural Fermentation Process')

    Very interesting, thx for the post !

  2. thanks for researching the info~ as it becomes better known, maybe a recipe will emerge.
    I might try it as an experiment!