Saturday, September 12, 2009

Slow Food Great Tomato Brunch at Halliburton Farm

Today my foodie friend and I rode our bikes out to Halliburton organic farm to a Slow Food Event: the Great Tomato Brunch, hosted by Dayle Cosway from Terralicious: What a beautiful farm, and the weather was perfect. We brought tomatoes from our gardens, I brought my Early Girls - and had a taste test. Some very interesting varieties such as Pink Thai, Green Zebra, Lemony, and lots of heritage varieties with gorgeous colours ranging from almost black to orange. Then we had a fabulous pot luck lunch~ I brought a quinoa tabouli, but there was an orzo heirloom tomato salad from Sooke Harbour House that was fanatastic! Then we had a tour/history of the farm - it is a community farm, situated around a natural water source that is protected by the CRD. It is a wonderfully lush and well-heated area. We visited the greenhouses, chickens, ducks, compost pile, wheat field, seed plant garden. My favourite was the flower garden full of sweet peas, amaranth, sunflowers, and gorgeous colour. My friend won the draw prize of a basket of preserves! Find more Info about Slow Food Vancouver Island here: The next event is a screening of Food Inc. at Uvic's Cinecenta on Sept. 22 7 pm. Here are some photos from our day:


  1. WOW !
    I'm guessing that gorgeous tomato plate is the orzo heirloom tomato salad ?
    Beautiful pics !
    Looks like you had a wonderful feast and visit.
    Halliburton Farm looks lovely !

  2. it was, indeed, the heirloom salad from Sooke Harbour House! it was amazing. thanks for the comments, hope you get to visit Halliburton some day :-)