Saturday, May 2, 2009

Terralicious - ladies after my own heart

Haliburton Organic Community Farm is a mere 12 kilometres from Victoria out the Pat Bay Highway. There you will find the new Terralicious Gardening and Cooking School run by Tina Fraser-Baynes and Dayle Cosway. It is here that you can learn how to garden, harvest your food, and how to prepare it - that is the "seed to spoon" way! They teach how to turn your lawn into a food plot, or how to set up a micro-commercial market garden, and the fun of composting. In the kitchen, whatever plants are picked that day are turned into a feast. They also offer Summer fun camps for kids. Visit for information and their blog is here: The garden beds are open to public viewing Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. They're having a huge plant sale Today, May 2 11- 5 if you read this in time.

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