Friday, April 10, 2009

the garden that you are

If you have a garden, what does it say about you? if you don't have one, what kind of garden would you like, or dream about? I think my garden says: eclectic, semi-wild, organic, purposeful, healing, inviting, slightly unkempt. My dream garden is a cross between 2 farms, now gone, that used to be in Metchosin. Fernie Farms was run by two sweet, little old ladies who made their own loganberry jam and Devon cream from their own Jersey cows. They served tea out on rickety old tables under the trees in the orchard, with the cow watching over the fence. Heavenly! the other farm was Murray Cook's herb farm where you could wander through the display garden and marvel at the various herbs for sale, then stroll out back to the 'working' part of the farm to choose your plants. I also loved Ravenhill herb farm located out in Saanich, where you could buy things in the barn that were made on the farm. One of my favourite garden books is "The Garden That You Are" by Katherine Gordon. It's about 9 gardens and their gardeners in the Slocan Valley who all live within a mile of each other. Each garden is a reflection of its owner, and how the character of the gardener is imprinted onto the land. Whatever kind of garden you are, whether it's a pot of sweet strawberries growing on your deck, or a stand of sunflowers along the fence, or spring bulbs naturalizing out in the backyard, I wish you much joy and happiness with your efforts.

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